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Waiting Sucks...

Nick, Carol and Darren, still waiting for a transplant
Nick, Carol and Darren.. still waiting

Nick has been in hospital now for six months, Darren for eight months and Carol for 12 months. What beats us is that they are all so positive and cheerful. You never hear them complain or feel sorry for themselves. Adversity has brought them together and they have formed enduring friendships. Their mutual support is a joy to witness.

Their appearance give no indication of their true medical conditions. They are all on the national emergency transplant list. The reason they look so well is because of the medication, fed by a 24hr syringe driver, which dilates the blood vessels easing the load on the heart whilst they wait. At the very least they are in a safe place. Harefield Hospital is held in high regard as one of the top transplant centres in the world. The care they are receiving is exemplary, (apart from the food!)

We hope these three will not have to wait too much longer. We cannot begin to contemplate what it must be like to spend such long periods of time, separated from their families, waiting every day for the call to say that a heart is available.

These guys, and others in the same situation, are the reason we are undertaking our ride from Lands End to John O'Groats. All the money we raise will go towards funding four new Organ Care Systems which will mean that many more transplants will be able to be undertaken safely in the future.

The donations we have received so far have blown us away. We have experienced support, kindness, generosity and love from our family, friends and neighbours.

We thank you all.

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