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Why Go Electric?

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Because it is such fun!


When you first feel that little surge of power that gets you up that hill I guarantee your smile will touch your ears. You can go much further and much faster than an ordinary bike so you can explore the world around you much more easily. Hills and head-winds simply stop being a problem as you put your bike into a high power setting and cruise up that hill!

You can work as hard or as little as you wish


If you want to increase your aerobic strength just use less power. If you want to arrive at work without being sweaty and clammy, just increase the power. The great thing is that you chose just how much to use the power or not. 

You will get out more


The Transport Research Laboratory have shown that Electric Bike users are twice as likely to get out on their bikes and ride compared to ordinary bike users. Why wouldn't they when it is so much more enjoyable?

You will get fit


eBikes are really great for people who like the idea of riding a bike but feel that they are not fit enough. You still have to pedal on an eBike so you are still getting exercise and lots of fresh air. Because you will get out more and enjoy it you will be getting out more often. You will be exercising your heart, your lungs and your muscles. It is great for your blood pressure, your stress levels and your overall morale. If every person who is overweight, has diabetes or blood pressure issues had an electric bike, I guarantee that their health would significantly improve. 

Try before you buy


Just try..... i know you will be amazed. You can hire eBikes from most bike hire outlets now, so you can see what fun they can be. Not many bike hire places stock Oxygen Bikes, but any eBike will give you the feeling of freedom and fun. If you live near an Oxygen dealer they will let you trial  ride the bike before you buy as will most bike retailers. So you have nothing to lose. 

Sincere thanks to Peter Hill from Cotswold Electric Bike Tours  for permision to use his beautiful electric bike logo designed by

web designer Simeon Rowsell. 

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