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Anna, looking relaxed before embarking on LeJog


Bob and Nick at Harefield Hospital

Bob & Nick at Harefield Hospital. Nick's appearance  fails to give a real impression of how poorly he is. 

 Bob and Annette, are as passionate about cycling as each other. Bob is 73 and Annette is 69.


They retired from very stressful jobs in Local Government in 2002 and bought a motorhome intending to tour Europe for a couple of years taking photos.This adventure did not end well. In the first three weeks they were burgled three times and lost every possession of importance. The thieves took their passports, driving papers, money, phones, laptop and cameras. I really hope that they fare a little better on their cycling adventure. 

They ended up abandoning the motorhome and bought a house in Atur, a beautiful little village just outside Perigueux in SW France, where they spent a truly great six years. They were the only English people in the village and the villagers took them into their hearts.

They came back to England in 2009 when their daughter in law became pregnant. They now have six beautiful grandchildren. 

They have always been keen photographers and when they arrived here in Kent they set up a wedding photography business. This was challenging, often stressful but incredibly rewarding.

So, when they retired for the second time they decided to try and improve their health and fitness. They started to take Zumba classes and loved them. Lisa Clifford, the Zumba instructor was, and is, an inspiration. The classes are filled with smiles and laughter and, for the first time ever, Annette started to enjoy exercise.  


Bob has always been a keen cyclist but the rides were limited by Annette's lack of strength to get up hills. Here on the Kent coast the winds can be fierce and she struggled on the bike. 

So, she first bought an eBike and fell in love with it and cycling immediately. Bob did not want one at all. He felt he was too young to be going electric.(Ha Ha)  However, once he had ridden Annette's bike he was a convert and bought one straight away. 


They  have not looked back since. 

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" I frequently wonder how we ever managed to become this old! And yes, the photos of us here were taken several years ago. I am still too vain to acknowledge that the wrinkles I see in recent photos are really there!"

"Ignore all of Jeremy Clarkson's quips about the French, they proved to be the most friendly and warm-hearted people we have ever met. We still miss them ten years on." 

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