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Our eBikes

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Oxygen S Cross Bicycle
Oxygen ST Cross Bike
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We                our eBikes

In our view the Oxygen S-CROSS Hybrid Electric Bike is one of the best E bikes on the market in its price range. ​They also look so stylish and classy.

There aren’t many bikes on the market these days that can provide as many features as these bikes and, in addition they are both stylish and comfortable. Everywhere we go we get people admiring and commenting on them. 


It has all of the big features such as an LCD display and USB port to all of the important smaller features such as the lights and disc brakes. Its sturdy design and aluminium frame will ensure users of all weights are catered for. we love that this bike comes with 21 Shimano gears and 18 different power modes allowing us to use as much or as little power as we need. 

Everywhere we go the bike turns heads and we are always stopped and asked for information about them. 


Oxygen also produce an Oxygen S-Cross Mountain Bike.

For a full review of the Oxygen bikes and detailed specs take a look at e-bike review uk

We bought our bikes from eBikes Direct a super firm in East Sussex.


You can find a list of all Oxygen Cycles Dealers in your area 

To Retül or not Retül

The Retul Experience

So What is a Retül?

The goal of Retül is every fitter using Retül technology has the most accurate and comprehensive bike fit data to help make better fit decisions. A great fit will allow the rider to experience more comfort and better performance on his or her bike, or buy a new bike with full confidence in selecting the right model and size. For long distance cycling it reduces the risk of injury to the body. 

I was initially very sceptical of this process, convinced it was going to be the bike version of The Emperors New Clothes, but was persuaded to do it by Nick, who was adamant that it would make our long ride much safer by reducing the risk of long term injury and damage by riding in the wrong position.


So we went along to Wildside Cycles at Tunbridge Wells for the fit. The whole process took a couple of hours. Gary Moore, the Retul expert was terrific. Very caring, thoughtful and helpful. He examined all aspects of our posture and ultimately wired us up through biometric sensors to the computer which then analysed our current riding positions and postures and then identified how we should be riding. 

Our own bikes were then adjusted to meet the data collected. 

"The difference it has made to our cycling enjoyment has been huge. Prior to the Retul I always experienced aches and pains in my shoulders, elbows and neck and always had pain in the base of my thumbs. Now when I ride I am ache and pain free. It is extraordinary. Gary suggested new handlebar grips which have cut the thumb pain altogether. It has felt like a little miracle."

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