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Pedal Power by Nick Veasey
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This coast was made for cycling..

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Romans, Reivers and Castles:

Day 5: 04/09/19

"This coast was made for cycling,

And that's what we will do...." Tra La La...

Druridge Bay
The stunning Druridge Bay

Today was a day that can only be described in superlatives. It was absolutely stunning. We have cycled 36 miles along the iconic National Cycle Route 1, (the longest of all the NCR routes) and passed through the most beautiful scenery that can be imagined. You will see from the route map below that we followed the coastline all the way. Our photos here cannot do justice to the magnificence of this coastline.

We left our B&B and were met with a sunny but chilly morning (6C at 10.00am), and hard as it is to imagine, it stayed sunny all day, becoming warmer as the day went on. We actually shed layers of clothing as we went along. We did have to fight a strong NW headwind all the way which slowed us down somewhat, but it was pleasantly bracing.

We left Tynemouth on the coast road and had super views of the coastline and St Mary's lighthouse... and from there, passed Seaton Sluice a lovely little fishing harbour...

St Mary's Lighthouse, Tynemouth
St Mary's Lighthouse, Tynemouth

Seaton Sluice
Seaton Sluice

We carried on a cycleway through some gorgeous dunes. The cycleway was winding and undulating and such good fun. What took our breath away, (apart from the headwind,) was how super the NCR 1 was. Most of it was on cycleways or cycle tracks which were traffic free and well maintained all edging the coastline. There were one or two challenges during the day as a whole as the winding cycle tracks narrowed and, turning a U bend would climb steeply and unexpectedly. And yes, because we had no warning in order to change gears, we had to push the bikes up a couple of times. They were very, very short climbs however.

We hit the North Sea Cycleway about half way through the route, all of it spectacular but the crowning glory was Druridge Bay with its miles and miles of white sand, and which was almost deserted. The beach stretched as far as the eye could see in both directions. We just kept stopping to take in the awesome views (and to take a rest from the headwinds!)

We were ready for a break when we reached Amble, which describes itself as the friendliest port in the country. It is a working port and has a super feel to it. On the way we passed this unexpected scene....

The last thing we expected was to see Alpacas en route

Amble Harbour

Bob at Amble

Annette at Amble

So, onwards to our destination for the day at Warkworth, the home of Warkworth Castle. We had a super view of it on the route in...

Warkworth Castle
Warkworth Castle

We are staying tonight at The Old Post Office in the town. A lovely and tasteful B&B. with a super bedroom. We had hoped to get out and visit the castle but ran out of time. It closes at 6.00pm.

Altogether a really superb day, one of the best ever and a perfect cycle route. And... we both have sunburned noses!!!!

No climbing today. I think Scotland is going to come as a bit of a shock!

Fond wishes to you all

Annette & Bob

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