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The quilt of love....

This wonderful quilt was given to us from Marilyn Pettit. It is stunning. I am going to write the commentary on it exactly as Marilyn wrote it...

The Lejog Quilt, made with such love and care by Marilyn Pettit

The quilt was inspired by the courage of Annette and Bob's herculean efforts and determination to cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats virtually unsupported in recognition of Nick's bravery and patience awaiting a heart transplant.

The red sashes and borders represent the blood circulation carrying the oxygen needed for such a mammoth journey.

The sky, heather, green fields and sea of Cornwall

The Cornish flag of St Piran of Cornwall

The Cornish flag of St Piran of Cornwall

Two large hearts for Annette & Bob

Nick the central motif and the main reason Lejogbyebike is being undertaken

The flag of St Andrew of Scotland

The flag of St Andrew of Scotland

The sky, tartan and sea of Scotland

Four cycle wheels on tarmac going round the quilt. Each wheel has eight segments so the total number of segments is 32, the approximate number of days the journey will take.

This gift means the world to Bob and myself. It will become a family heirloom. The workmanship is exquisite and the thought, love, care and time that Marilyn has put into creating it is truly wonderful. Marilyn, we thank you from our hearts.

Annette, Bob & Nick


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