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Pedal Power by Nick Veasey
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Kindness From Friends

Updated: May 23, 2018

We have read many accounts of people cycling this iconic Lejog route. Some have planned to the minutest detail and some have just jumped on a bike with no preparation except where is the next Pub!

Some have been supported, i.e somebody ‘following’ in reasonable proximity to the rider in case of any mechanical, or physical failures, transporting luggage to the next destination etc. Others have done it completely unsupported, carrying camping equipment, including pots, pans and gas stoves, or using Hostels, B&B or Hotels on route.

So, what shall we do? Supported or unsupported?

To be supported means asking somebody to spend a month, or so, in a vehicle travelling 50 or so miles per day! Not on - we couldn’t ask any friend to do this as they would soon become non-friends!

So, unsupported it is then!

However, we both have a fear of a serious breakdown in the middle of the remote Scottish Highlands. True friends came to our assistance as soon as we expressed our fears and Shirley and John unhesitatingly offered to support us through the later stages. What an offer. We are so thrilled to have such friends.

Other wonderful friends from our Tuesday Zumba Group are organising several fundraising events for us. This real support is incredibly validating. We have benefitted so much from Zumba. Lisa Clifford is our instructor and she is truly inspirational. Zumba is such a great way to keep fit and have fun at the same time. We think everyone should try it!

We are having a Transplant Appeal Zumba/Dance Session on Saturday 21st July at 10.00am at St Peters Church Hall in Broadstairs. Please let us know if you would like to attend. It will be fun.

Coffee mornings, Afternoon Tea, raffles and parties are all being organised by our Zumba friends.

It would be wonderful if you feel you could support us too. We welcome anyone with an electric bike to join us on a part of the route. Or if not, you could support us by donating to the Transplant Appeal by clicking on the heart below. When you enter the Transplant Appeal site, please make sure you click on the DONATE button just above the picture of Nick & Bob.

If any of you feel you would like to support us by organising a fundraising event we would be over the moon. Please contact us if you think you could do this.

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