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A day of ups and downs...

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Pocklington to Malton

Waterdale..A long climb from the valley floor through spectacular scenery
A long climb from the valley floor through spectacular scenery at Waterdale.

In our tour notes from Saddle Skedaddle today was described as "One of the tougher days, but it is also one of the most beautiful.." Both things were true. There were some serious hills, some short and steep and others long. The climbs were challenging but terrific. The sense of achievement we get when we reach the summit of a toughie is second to none. The 'downside' of these climbs were exactly that... the fabulous descents which we loved. We achieved a maximum speed of 30.2 mph which was exhilaratiing.

The weather forecasting here is most definately strange!! The weather we have experienced so far has borne no resemblance at all to the forecasts. Today was supposed to be sunny all day with relatively mild winds, however the clouds came over and the wind was fierce. On the tops of the hills it was strong and down in the valleys it was fierce. The wind must truly love those valleys where it can funnel itself into a fury as it blows through. Unfortunately we were cycling into the wind for most of the day! Why is it never behind you when you want it?

All day on quiet lanes meandering through this beautiful countryside was lovely. We stopped at a Stone Trough Inn pub for coffee and met two more cyclists from Leeds who were following much the same route as ourselves, and we spent a happy hour chatting bikes and routes with them.

We detoured off the route to take a look at Kirkham Priory, a ruin of the original Priory. The ruins are situated on the banks of the River Derwent. The Augustinian priory was founded in the 1120s by Walter l'Espec, lord of nearby Helmsley, who also built Rievaulx Abbey.

The ruins of the old priory at Kirkham
The ruins of the old priory at Kirkham

We arrived in Malton early afternoon and had a surprise when we found our accommodation. We are staying at The Old Lodge in Malton which is spectacular. It is a 17th century Tudor Mansion that stands in nearly 3 acres of beautifully manicured gardens. Our luxury room is fit for royalty. Again, delight that our luggage had been delivered and was in our room waiting for us. Well done and thank you Team Skedaddle.

So, all in all, a lovely day. We cannot quite decide whether to stay in this super hotel to eat tonight or wander into Malton, which is known as the food capital of Yorkshire!

ps... We decided to stay at the hotel ... sun shining in the gorgeous gardens... had a drink...ate here... and it was the very best meal we have eaten in a restaurant ever!!! Stunning food.

Fond wishes

Annette & Bob

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