Pedal Power courtesy of Nick Veasey. with the skelletons photoshopped into the Scottish Highlands




We need Hearts... and Oxygen...

 Lands End to JohnO'Groats by eBike

"Yes, in September this year (2018), we really are going to cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats by eBike and truthfully I am bricking it. It is no small challenge given our ages"


Bob is 73 and Annette is 69.

"The first reaction we get when we tell anyone what we are planning is 'You are mad!'

At this moment in time I am inclined to agree.

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So why are we doing this?

Bob's son Nick is currently in Harefield Hospital in London awaiting a heart transplant. He has had many open heart operations and has now been in hospital for four months and is still waiting, such is the shortage of hearts for transplant. He has a wife and two young children at home on the Isle of Wight, so his journey is so much more difficult than our own. He has always been fit, but has a debilitating heart disease known as ARVC  (Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy) It is a disease which often strikes young athletes, usually in their teens. 


He is one remarkable man, whose courage and positive attitude shines through everything he does. You can read his story here.

So, this trip is to raise awareness of the need for people to sign up for organ donation, to support Nick and to raise money for The Harefield Transplant Appeal to say thank you for the life saving treatment he is receiving. Our trip starts at the same time as Organ Donation Week.

Please support and sponsor us to raise money for the appeal by clicking on the heart balloon. 

Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital Transplant Appeal

When you enter the Harefield Transplant Appeal site, please make sure to click on the DONATE button just above the picture of Nick and Bob. 

Go Electric...

We also want to inspire all those people who enjoy cycling, but are perhaps not young enough or fit enough to cope with hills and heavy winds, to get an electric bike, get out and keep fit.


We want to inspire and motivate all those people who suffer from diabetes, those who are overweight or who simply need to improve their respiration, cardiac ability or their mobility and health.


Cycling on an electric bike opens up a whole new world of enjoyment and will help improve fitness levels enormously.

 We bought our Oxygen S Cross electric bikes just over eighteen months ago and they are terrific. What differentiates these bikes from other electric bikes is not only their beautiful appearance, but unlike most other eBikes they have 21 Shimano gears. This means that we can ride them exactly like a normal bike but  use far less power and so get further. 


These bikes have transformed our lives and we are out and about on them every chance we get. It is as if the bikes have breathed oxygen into us. Our health and fitness have improved enormously and cycling has now become a major part of our lives. We have cycled over 2,500 miles since buying the bikes in December 2016. Prior to buying these  bikes I could not manage hills nor heavy head-winds, and so cycling was no pleasure. Now I love it. We start our adventure on Sept 4th. 

Follow our BLOG to see how we get on....

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Sincere thanks to Nick Veasey for his amazing "Pedal Power" image which I have photoshopped into the Scottish Highlands for our homepage image. His work is stunning. Follow the link to his own website. To see his original image go to our blog page.